Experienced back-end developer

Job description

As the experienced Back-end Developer you will be responsible for developing, enhancing, and sustaining our Cloudalize management portal in a cross-functional and cross-cultural team environment. You will drive innovation through design and implementation of unique solutions that result in a positive business impact. You will review user stories, requirements, test plans, and other engineering artifacts; provide appropriate feedback in a timely and constructive fashion. You will participate in determining scope for new projects.


You have 

  • A Master or Bachelor in Computer Science (CS), or related discipline
  • Minimum 4 yrs. experience working in a similar or related field
  • Substantial knowledge of Javascript, back-end NodeJS, MongoDB, SQL, AMQP
  • Thorough understanding of common software engineering practices like Git, unit testing, code documentation, continuous integration, dependency management
  • Solid comprehension of web technologies like HTTP, HTTP/2, WS and API development like JSON, OAuth
  • Excellent understanding of database design concepts
  • Experience with Linux distributions such as CentOS
  • The ability to formulate concerns and questions in a structured manner
  • The ability to translate functional requirements into quality code

You are 

  • Highly motivated to work in a high-pressure environment with a start-up mentality
  • A team player and willing to share your knowledge
  • A problem solver with excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Fluent in English, both written and spoken
  • Good at playing ping-pong (but not that good, so you can let our developers win once in a while)